from Charles' clients

Charles is completely dedicated to me as a client. I feel he is as family since he always helps me make decisions that are in my best interest. His approach to business and budgeting is clear and concise and never confusing. I feel that in today’s difficult world of navigating the rules of third-party payors and strategic alliances, I would not be where I am today without Charles’s advice and recommendations.
— EAW, MD, Oncology/Hematology

Mr. Denny has provided expert consulting services, as well as hands-on management, for my surgical practice for over 15 years. In the difficult areas of HR, insurance billing and collections, and general clinic operations his experience and insight have helped me manage my practice smoothly even when difficult situations arise. He has been a very valuable resource and a trusted ally.
— BBQ, MD, FACS, Bariatric Medicine/Laparoscopic Surgery

Charles has an impressive way of dissecting a medical practice to find its weaknesses. His knowledge of people skills has helped us with staffing over the years. His knowledge of accounting has helped me not only prepare year-to-year financial statements, but actually understand them as well. He has an uncanny way of always knowing just the right person to help us. Charles is the true package, and has proven over and over again that his advice should be followed.
— JDF, MD, Internal Medicine

For over a decade, Charles Denny has been
an invaluable resource for our medical practice,
advising us on business development, practice
management, and strategic planning. I have referred many colleagues to him and will continue to do so.
— LKM, MD, Internal Medicine/Concierge Medicine

I worked with Charles in setting up my new internal medicine practice. He was a great  resource to me. Charles is well respected and known in the medical community. He is very accessible and works hard to make all his resources available to his clients. He is great at setting up a business model and guided me step by step through the process of setting up my practice. All in all Charles is a great business consultant and a great asset to his clients.
— SK, MD, Internal Medicine/Hospitalist

I have worked with Charles Denny for over nine years now.  Charles has proven to be honest and dependable. More importantly, I can tell he truly cares about being an integral part of our team’s success. I strongly feel Charles Denny would be a significant key asset for any group looking to improve.
— RMP, MD, MSPH, FAAOA, Otolaryngologist